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Okay, you finally got the part you HAD to have...NOW WHAT??:
For all those lucky girls cast as ME, there are two keys to this...

1. Have fun..enjoy the role..and just think about the experience...your heart will guide you to the right place.
2. THIS IS THE BIG ONE!!! A Black leather jacket!
Yep, that's it...my trade mark since I was 13...if you wear one you can't go wrong!

Romaine's Biography:

A Wyoming native, Romaine Patterson got started in activism when her close friend Matthew Shepard was killed in a brutal anti-gay hate crime in October of 1998. Immediately following his death Romaine started speaking at vigils and community events across the country. Due to the massive media coverage Shepard's death garnered, Patterson quickly became a seasoned professional speaker. She has worked with media professionals from around the world and virtually every media format.

Patterson is best known for her work combating the anti-gay antics of the Rev. Fred Phelps, whose followers picketed Shepard's funeral and the murder trials. In April of 1999, she founded the Angel Action, an organization for peaceful demonstration.

Angel Action is now used all over the world as a means of combating hate.

Taking her activism to the next level Patterson went to work as the Regional Media Manager for The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) in February of 2000. While there she worked as a spokesperson on several national media campaigns.

Her work around the hateful lyrics of Eminem allowed Patterson to fulfill her goal of educating young people. In efforts to work with gay youth, Patterson spent a great deal of time speaking at colleges and high schools around the country on a variety of issues. She has always maintained that educating today's youth is the key to putting a stop to hate and continues to work with the Matthew Shepard Foundation to meet this end.

Patterson returned to school at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in the fall of 2001 in order to further her knowledge of the media industry. As a top graduate of the Conservatory's Master Recording Program in May of 2001 she moved to New York City where she currently resides.

The following is a list of projects Patterson has worked on and awards she has received:


  • Anatomy of a Hate Crime (MTV)
  • The Matthew Shepard Story (NBC)*
  • Journey to a Hate Free Millennium (New Light Media)
  • The Laramie Project film and off-Broadway play (HBO)*
  • "Flipped" Episode (MTV)
    *Emmy nominated


  • Losing Matt Shepard, Beth Loffreda
  • A Making of a Gay History, Eric Marcus
  • A Face in the Crowd, John Petterson and Martin Bedogne

Awards and Affiliations

  • Concert of Hope Honoree,1999 Anti-Defamation League, Washington, DC.
  • Keynote Speaker and Honoree, 1999 Youth Pride, Washington, DC.
  • Named one of "1999's Best and Brightest Activists" by The Advocate.
  • Awarded 2001 PR Week award for Non-Profit Team of the Year.
  • Co-Chair of Communications, 2001 Capital Pride, Washington, DC.
  • Community Advisory Board, WRC-TV, NBC, Washington, DC.
  • Co-Chair of Communications, 2001 Youth Pride, Washington, DC.
  • Profile featured in The New York Times Magazine, December 2000.
  • Guest Speaker, Fight For Your Rights, MTV 2000.

Colleges that Patterson has spoken at:

  • University of Wyoming
  • Clark University
  • Georgetown
  • University of Maryland
  • Penn State
  • Colorado State University
  • George Washington University
    among others.
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